Welcome to Earth 63. A design studio where we think beyond graphics and deliver the best in creativity.
Hi my name is Eben creative at Earth 63. I started Earth 63 in 2019 as an answer to graphic design and  the creative world. During college I noticed my peers and I were afraid to take risk with our creativity, so after 3 year of working with non profits I decided to establish Earth 63. A place where I can collaborate with other designers and pick clients/projects that inspire me. Our goal is to help clients achieve  something extraordinary,  backed by research and design input that matters. We work with everyone to make sure a project has a deep meaning that's can connect with audiences on a individual level. We go think beyond to create a unique experiences that can not be replicated.  
Hire Earth 63 for your next project. 
Think, Beyond.
Pleas contact Earth 63 if you have any inquires or questions.
Thank you!
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